Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, en general, serveix en que ens moments experimentem dificultats àrea en alguna de les vides nostres, especialment Davant experiencies, situacions the comportaments que hem sentit fora of our control; vivències en les quals sentim atrapats the ens ens desgasten psíquica the físicament. Psychotherapy També pot beneficiar to persones que prendre decisions necessiten, Volen this canviar or millorar algun aspecte de les vides seves, or Volen adquirir a major comprehension sobre elles mateixes, their relationships and their environment.

Psychotherapy for adults

Psychotherapy és a process devoted herself to tractament de problemes psicològics, a través de la comunicació, the interacció the relació the entre el pacient i el therapist. Although communication is a key factor in the process, psychotherapy is much more than just "talk the problems". It is a professional relationship between the therapist and the client, based techniques, structures and therapeutic principles established.

The aim of psychotherapy is the development and strengthening psychic. It is a process that is focused, among other things, to help each individual to acquire a greater understanding of himself and his environment; achieve positive changes in different areas of your life; overcome challenges and solve problems; learn to live and manage emotions such as sadness, anger and fear; increase confidence and self-esteem.

Child and adolescent psychotherapy

Many children need help to overcome stress related to school homework, exams, bullying or peer pressure. Others need help to express their feelings about family issues, especially in situations of significant changes, such a separation, divorce, a loss or a major illness, etc..
The child therapy is very different from therapy with adults, because children often express their feelings and concerns in a more symbolic verbal. So, the use of the game or the art may also be effective methods to begin to understand a child and help them develop their ideas and feelings. The family dynamic is often reflected in the mind and behavior of the child, and we in the therapeutic work in children / adolescents and is essential in the process included meetings with family.