Other services

Early intervention:

Intervention als directed nens / is 0 a 6 years, and their families, with developmental disorders or risk having them. The early care is to meet as soon as possible to their needs, transitòries o permanents, so that they can achieve the highest level of personal development and social integration.

The Intervenció, percebent the nen globally, planned throughout the professional, des of the psychologist, the SLP, the psychologist to the physiotherapist. And based on stimulating the development, from language and communication, the cognitive area, the self i socialització, and motor areas.

Population likely to rebre atenció precoç Serien:

  • or preterm infants weighing less than 2'500kg.
  • children with pervasive developmental disorders (Autism, Asperger Syndrome in, PDD NOS especificat)
  • síndromes (Down, Prader Willi…)
  • encefalopaties (Paràlisis Cerbral Infantil, Hemiparèsia,…) 


Courses, xerrades of Tallers:

More sporadic, i asked the depenent, will organize courses and workshops in various subjects, tant to Nivell psicopedagògic or educatiu, com terapèutic. Also organized lectures advice to parents on specific topics.

Some examples could be:

Workshops of:

  • Tecniques of estudi
  • Intel·emotional ligència
  • Social skills
  • Relaxation and body awareness
  • Arteràpia
  • Dansateràpia
  • Psicomotricitat
  • Gifted


Talks per pair:

  • nens pairs / ADHD is amb
  • pairs d'adolescents
  • post-adopció 


Cursos i Tallers actuals:

  • Technical Specifications of Taller de Estudi
  • Social Skills and Self Esteem Workshop
  • Grups school of reinf
  • Grups of Reforç of anglès
  • Grups of Psicomoticitat