Speech therapy

Speech therapy is a field of work all those problems, disfuncions or retards the parliamentary, the llenguatge, the Veu the deglució the.
This discipline is for people of all ages, whatever the cause of their disease (functional, organic or adaptativa).

The purpose of the study includes speech therapy, prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of language (oral, escrit the gestual) trastorns manifestades through the veu, l'audició, speak it, communication functions and orofacial.

The diseases on which we can intervene through a reeducation therapy, are as follows:

  • Disfuncions in voice (dysphonia, aphonia)
  • Difficulties in the acquisition process of language (delay, dysphasia)
  • Retards or trastorns in about (Dysarthria, dyslalia, disglòssia)
  • Dificultats in the read i / o escriptura (dyslexia, diagrafia)
  • Trastorns in expressive language and / or comprehensive (afàsies)
  • Problemes in fluïdesa of the parliamentary (quequeig)
  • Hearing Deficiencies
  • Problemes or disfuncions in breaths, succió, masticació i / o deglució (in these cases is the Myofunctional therapy).
  • Patients with communication problems associated with different etiologies (autism, cerebral palsy, etc.. ).